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At Pinner HIO Chiropractic, we focus on your health from the inside out.   With specific focus on structure, chemistry, and emotion which involve all aspects of your health.   Our advanced chiropractic care helps alleviate structural issues that you are experiencing to help get you out of pain fast.  In addition we provide nutritional counseling along with specific supplementation programs to help heal your body.  You will always feel great  after your visit!

Our Team
Dr. Rich Pinner, DC

Dr. Rich Pinner, utilizes muscle testing, flexion distraction therapy, supplementation, nutrition, along with his Chiropractic Care. His treatment procedures concentrate on shoulder pain, neck strain, degenerative disc disease, back massage therapy, elbow pain and all other problem areas of the back.  His patients receive therapy on a very specialized moving table with excellent results. His flexion - distraction technique, in combination with chiropractic adjustments, has been found clinically to reduce pressure within the disc, improve range of motion in spinal joints and in arms, legs, and shoulders, improve posture, reduce pressure on spinal nerves, increase circulation, and improve nerve communication. Dr. Rich has treated many local sports athletes with these up-to-date therapies.  Dr. Rich integrates advanced chiropractic techniques with lifestyle education, exercise rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, athletic performance enhancement and family care.

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